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Trusted and Proven

We've produced world-class video content for some of the world's top brands.  As specialists in the Chinese market, we merge top production values with cultural sensitivity - perfect for bringing top Western brands to China.  Let us create your next video sensation.

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Connect with Local Influencers

We partner with some of the top influencers across several categories - food, events, real estate, travel, fashion.  Our influencers spread the word about "hidden gems" in local businesses, greatly helping to market them with authenticity and a sense of community.

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Mobile First

We use state-of-the-art digital marketing methods to drive traffic to brick and mortar businesses.  We use a data driven methodology to increase revenues for local businesses.

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China Expat Lifestyle

We provide a much-needed mobile platform for Chinese Expats living in the US, bridging the cultural gap between East and West.  Our lifestyle app provides information, news, social media, and travel information for tens of thousands of Chinese students.  Advertise with us and see greatly increased results.

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